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Our Background


As of 2010, the GCPA had not been active for nearly two decades.  In September 2010 work began to rebuild the organization.  A website was created, organizational documents drafted, and membership meetings successfully attended.  On May 17, 2011 MPA's Local Association Development Committee (LADC) voted to grant the GCPA active status once again and it became official on June 17th.  Since September 2010, MPA membership in the GCPA has more than doubled.

Parallel to the Flint area's rebuilding and re-identification process, the GCPA is working towards reestablishing itself as one of the most active local pharmacy associations in the state. We hope that our growth and achievements as an organization mutually favor the Genesee and Tuscola County areas and the profession of pharmacy.

The GCPA was originally organized as the Flint Druggist Association in 1928. It changed names in 1961, to the Genesee County Pharmaceutical Association. In reactivating, the name Genesee County Pharmacists Association was selected to fit the naming standards of other local associations. Over the years, the practice of pharmacy has changed significantly. However, one thing remains the same: the works of the local pharmacy associations are still one of the key ways in which advancements in the profession of pharmacy take place.  


The links below take you to various historical documents of the GCPA.


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