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GCPA Local Member of the Year Award



The GCPA Member of the Year award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated service to both the pharmacy profession and to the community throughout his or her career.  



Recipients of this award are selected for their professional accomplishments, character, and contributions to the advancement of pharmacy practice.  The GCPA Member of the Year award recipient has a strong understanding of the profession and is a dedicated patient advocate. He or she is a respected leader in the field, and serves as a representative model for GCPA members to aspire.


Holding good-standing membership in MPA and GCPA is a prerequisite for this award. The recipient must currently practice as either a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician. The recipient may not be currently serving, nor have served within the immediate past two years as a member of the GCPA Executive Board.


Past Recipients

  • 2018: Michael Crowe, PharmD

  • 2017: Tony Lin, PharmD

  • 2014: Erica Boroughs, CPhT

  • 2013: Lorrie Kilburn, CPhT


To apply or nominate someone for this award, click here.


Dedication to Community Advancement Award



The Dedication to Community Advancement Award is presented annually to a GCPA member who has shown continuous enthusiasm for serving the local community. This individual has played an important role in advancing their community through both pharmacy and non-pharmacy service.



  • Outstanding efforts within the pharmacy community to improve public health.

  • Dedication to the advancement of the community.

  • Encourages colleagues and peers to participate in local events and organizations.

  • High level of involvement in various charitable activities.

To apply or nominate someone for this award, click here.

Outgoing Chairman Award



The Outgoing Chairman Award is presented to the outgoing Chairman of GCPA, in honor of their service to the Association.

GCPA Scholarships


The GCPA accepts applications for two academic scholarships; one for a pharmacy technician member who is seeking additional education and another for a pharmacy student.


  • 2017: Zoë Biggart

  • 2016: Zoë Biggart

  • 2015: Thomas Breeden

  • 2014: Mike Phalen

  • 2013: Raymond Daenzer


GCPA also supports the Health Professional Leadership Academy, a program offered by the Michigan Pharmacy Foundation.  


For more details and to apply for either of these scholarships, visit the Scholarships page. 


Michigan Pharmacists Association Awards


The Michigan Pharmacists Association, our affiliate organization, also offers a number of awards to members of the association and other advancing the practice of pharmacy. To learn more about MPA awards, visit the Awards page of the association's website.



Awards Earned by GCPA


Distinguished Local Association Achievement Award

The Distinguished Local Association Achievement Award is presented annually to honor one local association in Michigan who has demonstrated exemplary or innovative activities through their efforts or accomplishments.


  • 2015 Recipient

  • 2012 Recipient 


Local Association Achievement Award
The Local Association Achievement Award is presented annually to local associations in Michigan that have completed an outstanding number of functions on behalf of their membership, and motivate local association members to improve their effectiveness and efficiency through the completion of more activities. It is bestowed upon any local that submits its annual report by the Nov. 30 deadline, completes all mandatory activities and accumulates at least 50 points in supplemental activities, as determined by the Local Association Development Committee. Please visit the local association criteria and reporting page for additional information on mandatory and supplemental activities.


  • Recipient in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019


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