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Education Committee


The Education Committee shall be responsible for arranging the continuing education programs of the Association. This includes the responsibilities of the related venue, speaker(s), expenses, advertising, ACPE-approval, and continuing education credit processing. The Executive Board has committed to providing at least one educational event per quarter to the membership. The chair of this committee is appointed by the President of the Association.



Previous Local CE Programs


Strategic National Stockpile


Responsible Prescribing Practices for Pain Management

Lawful Prescribing, Prevention of Diversion and Pharmacy Safety

Practical Applications for Diabetes Management

Medication Adherence

HIV Treatment Management

Pulmonary CE: Don't Blow Your Opportunity to Counsel

Adherence in Specialty Pharmacy CE



Committee Members


Stephanie LaPointe, Committee Chairperson


Carol Raznik


Bethany Folland


Shelly Schwartz





Kim Proffer


Sara Elbadawi


Isam Tahboub


Dena Scully




Committee Resources

Committee Calendar


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