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Advocate for Pharmacy


Advocating on behalf of your profession and contributing at a local level can accomplish great things. The profession of pharmacy faces opposition, and as a health care provider, it's important for you to share your thoughts on key pharmacy issues and educate elected officials on what you do, what needs to happen for you to continue providing safe and effective patient care, and why certain pieces of legislation will have a positive or negative impact on your practice.


Developing personal relationships with legislators and others holding political office; volunteering to work on a candidate’s campaign; inviting a legislator to visit your practice site; and writing letters, sending e-mails and making phone calls to help educate legislators on specific issues are all critical advocacy activities. 





Michigan Pharmacy Political Action Council


The Michigan Pharmacy Political Action Council (PAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit, bipartisan organization that actively seeks to promote positive public health policy through the building and maintaining of relationships with candidates and decisionmakers.


Pharmacy PAC is an important advocate promoting a pharmacy-friendly legislative agenda. Participating in the legislative process by providing contributions to candidates who support pharmacy legislation is vital to the success of public health initiatives. A politically active and aware membership in Pharmacy PAC is vital to ensuring pharmacists’ professional interests are represented.





Advocacy Resources 


Use the buttons below to learn more about the legislative priorities in the state of Michigan and to find your legislators. 


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